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Six minutes on the Brooklyn bridge by R. Kasparaviciene
"Six minutes on the Brooklyn bridge" by R. Kasparaviciene
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Buying original art for a rented apartment never made sense to me, so when I bought my own place, I knew the time was right. One thing I was sure about was that I was going to shop for art online.

I’m not one to visit galleries, I just don’t see myself standing in front of a painting and looking at it for minutes.

So I started browsing. I found various online e-shops, but NOBIG.ART caught my eye.
To be honest, I loved the selection and pricing. The "Six minutes on the Brooklyn bridge" by R. Kasparaviciene stood out, because it had an airiness and lightness about it, while at the same time still looking sophisticated and modern. 

It shipped quick, and once I hanged it, I started browsing for the next one almost immediately.
I now keep noticing more blank spaces in my home that I want to fill up with art.

Thank you, NOBIG.ART!

- Adomas
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Furnishing our new home was a very important project for both of us. Let’s say, our apartment building isn’t the most exciting-looking on the street, that’s why we wanted to counterbalance it with a unique interior.


We decided we should get an art piece that would reflect our vibrant personalities. Since we’ve spent so much time and effort in creating our new home, we agreed the piece had to be top-quality.

On we managed to find a painting that ticked all three musts: beautiful, high-quality and on our budget.
Orange vertical II by R.Ceponis
"Orange vertical II" by R.Ceponis

Receiving and unwrapping it was a celebration on its own – I can now honestly say art is one of the most exciting things you can get in the mail! The painting found its place on the wall immediately and we both agreed, that the Ramunas Ceponis by Connection 3 was the missing puzzle-piece of our new home.

Darius & Agnė
Mermaide by Aurelija Simkute
"Mermaide" by Aurelija Simkute
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Everybody who knows me know I’m an art lover, so me buying more art for my home cames no surprise.

I frequently visit art galleries so I feel confident enough in my taste and knowledge when buying art for my home. After all, I think art shouldn’t be locked away in museums and galleries. I’m not saying my apartment is filled with art to the brim, I know what I like and that’s quality. Finding it can be a challenge when shopping online, especially when shopping for fine art.

As I looked through the collection available on I could tell the curators did their job well. I had all the information about artists and their pieces readily available to me, did some of my own research and thinking and finally settled on a sculpture. The „Mermaid“ by A. Simkute displays great craftsmanship. It’s modern and unexpected, but at the same time, it’s playful and living-room-friendly. It makes me happy when guests who come over see it and say that it’s very “me”.

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Aesthetics and inspiration play an important role in my life. I’m very meticulous about the way things look and the quality they are, same goes both for my job and my home. I always wanted something for my bedroom – I love the look of a big painting above the bed, itcreates the sense of a truly sacred place. I went on and searched for a painting that would be unique yet subtle. Having a pre-sorted selection made it much easier, I’d say most of the paintings there fit my requirement. Once I saw “Mandala”, it immediately spoke to me. I sent a link to my family and they all agreed that’s the one. team helped me choose the right frame and assured me it would fit the space above my bed perfectly – and they were right.
Mandala by Paulius Arlauskas
"Mandala" by Paulius Arlauskas

Looking at this painting soothes me. Maybe it’s just me, but I really believe it helps me rest better.

Motion by Ramunas Ceponis
"Motion" by Ramunas Ceponis
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My home is very minimalist, I like empty spaces and having room to breathe and my relationship with visual art is very casual – I can appreciate it but frequenting art exhibitions is not among my top pastimes. Still, the white walls of my living room were calling for a bold eye-catcher.


When it comes to shopping, I’m used to doing it online. That’s where I buy groceries, clothing, books – pretty much everything. However, it never occured to me that art could be a thing you’d buy without physically visiting a gallery. I searched for an online art gallery that would offer me a well-curated selection and I found There I found few paintings that stuck with me for a long time – it actually took me one whole month. I turned to team for a consultation. They helped me decide on a piece that would best fit the interior and the mood of my home.


The price was affordable and there was no reason for me not to take the chance.

I’m very happy with the piece I’ve selected because it stands out in the neutral interior nicely while at the same time being a great conversation starter when guests come over.
- Marius
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Our firm is located in your typical office high-rise. All the layouts are pretty much the same, so bringing some personality and warmth into our workspace is up to us. I’m a strong believer in the idea that offices should be ergonomic but not bleak, that’s why I decided to liven up our meeting room with some art.


Choosing a painting wasn’t easy because I couldn’t just refer to my personal taste. The painting was meant for a common area, so it had to be both appropriate for a business environment and reflect our brand. The team were very helpful in narrowing down my selection and picking a painting that would work best with the interior.

Overall, the whole experience of buying the painting was very professional – it arrived on time, well packaged and looking exactly as I expected.
Africa by Egle Gineityte
"Africa" by Egle Gineityte

Enjoy it each time I see it, it ties the room together and, I think, gives the feeling of balance and focus.

- Reda