We believe that art is not exclusively for museums or major collectors.

It should be part of your daily life.

So we kept this idea to ourselves until we -
the two art fanatics - met and clicked instantly.

That is when the story of nobig.art was born.

Me, Saulius, am a passionate and
active art collector. I believe that art may take
our private spaces to new heights.

While me, Giedrius, am an art director
with significant experience in dressing public
and private spaces and enriching them with art pieces.

After many years in the art world we have encountered multiple intimidating situations whilst walking into an art space, as if one didn’t belong there: Whitewashed walls, shiny floors, deafening silence, the display of artworks usually without any price tag and the overwhelming feeling that someone is watching your every move from the counter. The silver lining of such experiences is the birth of nobig.art started by two of us. nobig.art is an online gallery promising inclusion for its visitors so they never feel alienated from art again. Even if you are simply curious, you are more than welcome.
All the artists and their pieces of work that you see on nobig.art are valuable, original, yet affordable and selected by two of us.

We welcome you to nobig.art

the online gallery powered by the belief that Art is for everyone and we should all have a piece of unique art to gaze at lovingly,

in the comfort of our own homes or work spaces.