Vilmantas Adamonis

Vilmantas Adamonis (also known as Mutis) was born in 1962, in Vilnius, Lithuania. From 1980 to 1986 he was studying Sculpture at Vilnius Academy of Arts. His teachers were such prominent Lithuanian sculptors as Juozas Kedainis, Konstantinas Bagdonas and Bronius Vysniauskas. These artists had a significant influence on Adamonis’ artistic worldview.

Adamonis is notable for creating small-scale sculptures in wood, bronze, stoneware and other materials. The focal point of figurative sculptures is a human being. Small in size, stylized and laconic figures are enriched with melancholy, naivety and simplicity, sometimes radiating a slight sadness, yet it has nothing in common with pessimism. Wooden creatures are often depicted as doing irrational actions as well as belonging to the parallel world, where different principles predominate.

The art of Adamonis is considered to be close to the Lithuanian folk sculpture. Like old masters’ sculptures, the art pieces of Adamonis are characterized by simple, yet expressive shapes as well as strong emotions achieved by minimal measures. Adamonis processes wood with great respect and care to this local material. Not only archaic Lithuanian heritage inspires the artist – ancient African sculptures have a big impact on Adamonis artworks as well.



  • Personal sculpture exhibition, Saint John‘s Street Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2005;
  • Personal small-scale sculpture exhibition in Utena Regional Museum, Utena, Lithuania, 2012;
  • Personal small-scale sculpture exhibition in Moletai Regional Museum, Moletai, Lithuania, 2012.


  • Since 1989, Adamonis has participated in over 20 group exhibitions all over Lithuania;
  • Adamonis is a member of Lithuanian Artists' Association;
His artworks are part of private art collections both in Lithuania and abroad.
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