Vaidas Tamosiunas

Vaidas Tamosiunas was born in 1973. From 1980 to 1991 he was taking classes at Juozas Naujalis Art school. Afterwards, he was studying at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. Nowadays, V. Tamosiūnas is not only a professional musician, but also a photographer, who has developed a very original and recognizable style of creative art.

The photographs of V. Tamosiunas are mostly black-and-white, for this reason they look a little archaic and old-time. The artist mainly takes photos of familiar environment – nature, architecture, simple objects of everyday life. Although the content is traditional, the way of photographing is quite innovative. V. Tamosiunas is famous for using a pinhole technique, which creates the camera obscura effect. Because of pinhole camera, the images look less sharp and softer as well as blurry around moving objects. Another characteristic of V. Tamosiunas photography are double images, created by using multiple pinholes.

In the background of modern Lithuanian photography, V. Tamosiunas stands out for his profound interest in solargraphy. This is a technique in which a fixed pinhole camera is used to expose the photographic paper for an extremely long amount of time to capture sun trails in the sky. The invisible movements of the sun become tangible and create unusual ornaments in his photographs.

In general, the photographs of V. Tamosiunas are aesthetic for their fragmental compositions, unexpected angles and visual experiments. Due to the pinhole technique, photographs convey the correlation between light and shadows so they look very dynamic and lively.

Through art, V. Tamosiunas represents everyday life from his subjective point of view. Different shades, colors and angles, captured in photographs, create the whole perception of artist‘s life, which is open in front of the audience.

The author has already participated in several group exhibitions in Kiev (Ukraine), Kaunas and Vilnius (Lithuania) as well as arranged two personal exhibitions in Vilnius, Lithuania. 

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