Simonas Gelminauskis

 Simonas Gelminauskis was born in Vilnius, Lithuania. In 2018 he graduated from Vilnius Academy of Arts. He is one of the most interesting and promising Lithuanian Neo-Expressionist. Though, an artist is most famous for his creations, painted in an Abstract Expressionism manner. The biggest influencer to S. Gelminauskis is Jackson Pollock (1912 – 1956), a major figure in the Abstract Expressionism movement. As J. Pollock, Lithuanian artist paints on large canvases using automatic or subconscious artistic gestures as well as spontaneous improvisation manner. In such a way, S. Gelminauskis directly places his inner impulses onto the canvas. Despite some expressive portraits, the artist mostly creates non-figurative compositions, also through painting, he emphasizes the uncertainty of the space. Furthermore, he moves away from the traditional concept that pieces of art are completed and closed vice versa artworks of S. Gelminauskis are allowed to touch or even tread down. Moreover, sometimes the artist is inclined to transform his paintings to dimensional installations that leave traces of paints on the wall or ground. The aim of this artistic activity is to let the viewer be in the painting and directly contemplate the artwork. Mostly, the coloring of S. Gelminauskis art consist of red, black, blue and violet tones. These contrasting color combinations represent a wide scale of subjective feelings of the artist and directly affect the sensuality of the spectator.

According to the artist, his paintings are like abstracted and transformed sceneries of his soul. Through paintings, S. Gelminauskis contemplates the very fundamentals of his life.



  • Group exhibition – “Justinas Mikutis” at Presidential Palace in Vilnius, Lithuania, 1990
  • Group exhibition at Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius, Lithuania, 1992
  • Group exhibition at Juozas Art Gallery in Vilnius, Lithuania, 2015
  • Solo exhibition at Saint John gallery, Lithuanian Artists’ Association, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2016
  • Exhibition at Gallery of Lithuanian Artists’ Association, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2017
  • Group exhibition at Lithuanian Design Salon – “LOCALS.LT”, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2017
  • Group exhibition “Individualists”- Juozas Art Gallery in Vilnius, 2018
  • Solo exhibition – “The Desert of Soul” at Simonas Gelminauskis Gallery/Studio, 2018
  • “Art Shopping’19 Louvre” at Loreta Larkina gallery booth, 2019
  • Solo exhibition – “Beyond Limits” at Ramybes Galerry, Palanga, Lithuania, 2019
  • Solo exhibition – “Alfa & Omega” at Villa Komoda, Palanga, Lituania, 2019
  • Solo exhibition – “The Crossroads” at AP gallery, 2020


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