Saulius Dastikas

Saulius Dastikas was born in 1971, Kedainiai, Lithuania. In 1995 he graduated from the Faculty of Arts in Siauliai. In 1998 the artist received a qualification in educational science, specialized in Art Technologies. Nevertheless, S. Dastikas has always been more an artist than an educator.

An artistic expression of S. Dastikas could be attributed to the Abstract Expressionism. Vibrant and contrasting coloring are a significant feature as well as expressive and vital brushstrokes and dynamic compositions. Through paintings, the artist portrays his inner sensations that he experiences during traveling. Also, he seeks to represent the pure vitality and chastity of nature. Yet, the objects and shapes in his paintings are mostly vague and hardly recognizable so that an observer could only imagine and feel with his inside. Not only nature inspires the artist to create, paintings of S. Dastikas are changing along with the author’s inner processes.

One of the most notable contemporary Lithuanian abstractionists is also interesting for his artistic attitude. He believes that the content of a painting depends not only on the mastery or professionalism but also on the energy put during the creative process. According to S. Dastikas, creation is a development of visual language, which is not devoted to be understood by a rational mind, but mostly by consciousness.


  • Group exhibition at Gallerie Rasmus, Odense, Denmark, 2004;
  • Participation in Contemporary Art Quadrennial, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2005;
  • Group exhibition – “Lithuanians are coming” at Galleri Salling, Skive, Denmark, 2008;
  • Participation in the annual project – “LTart.NL” in Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2012;
  • Participation in the Octopus Art project – “Light”, Venice, Italy, 2013;
  • Group exhibition – “White Noise, Black Words”, Vilnius Town Hall, Lithuania, 2014;
  • Solo exhibition – "No End for the Journey" at the Gallery of the Lithuanian National Commission for UNESCO, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2014;
  • Group exhibition – "Art in Manors", Communications History Museum, Kaunas, Lithuania, 2015;
  • Dastikas and M. Maziliauskas exhibition – "NOW" at Specstrasse gallery, Hamburg, Germany, 2015;
  • Group exhibition – "100% Painting" at gallery Arka, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2016;
  • Group exhibition – "Atmosphere", Lithuanian Artists’ Association Gallery in Vilnius, Lithuania and Gallery Verein Berliner Künstler, Berlin, Germany, 2018.



  • Since 2013 S. Dastikas has been a member of Lithuanian Artists’ Association;
  • Dastikas actively participates in exhibitions, art fairs and artists residencies in various countries in Europe and the USA;



  • "Art in Manors", Lithuania, Georgia, 2015;
  • I-Park International Artist-in-Residence Program, USA, 2016;
  • Marianne von Werefkin symposiums in Utena, Lithuania, 2014 – 2018.
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