by Romas Vilciauskas
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About Angel

A unique sculpture depicting an angel blowing a trumpet. The Artist not only combines different materials, such as bronze, silver-plating and stone but also captures the beauty and holiness of this unique moment. Excellent knowledge of metal technologies creates striking visual effects and shades while precise stylization and masterful composition evoke easiness and elegance, monumentality and fragility.

Year: 2012

Romas Vilciauskas

Romas Vilciauskas was born in 1966, Vilnius, Lithuania. In 1996, he graduated from Vilnius Academy of Arts with a specialization in sculpture. Vilciauskas is a well-known artist, most famous for creating sculptures for Uzupis district in the Old town of Vilnius, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the capital of Lithuania. His most famous artworks, that have already become the symbols of Bohemian and artistic district, are “The Angel of Uzupis“ and Uzupis Mermaid sculpture that occupies a special niche on the embankment of the Vilnia.

The art field mainly consists of monumental and small-scale sculptures. Most of the artworks are made of bronze, a sustainable and strong material, which requires the highest level of craftsmanship and a lot of experience. In addition to outdoor art pieces, Vilciauskas also creates small figurative sculptures that are greatly inspired by religious iconography. These artworks are made to inspire and strengthen the faith as well as to spread light and peace. Every character, whether a mermaid or angel, is depicted highly skillfully and reveals the artist‘s excellent understanding of human anatomy and proportions.

According to the artist, the process of creative work is consistent and long-lasting. Firstly, the author carefully meditates the concept of the artwork, afterward, ideas gradually become material. Moreover, instead of sketching on paper, he concentrates on the contemplation of artwork while creating it.

Vilciauskas took part in both personal and group exhibitions in various countries, such as Norway (Oslo), France (Paris), England (London), etc.

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Romas Vilciauskas

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