Ramune Kmieliauskaite

Ramune Aldona Kmieliauskaite was born in 1960, Vilnius. In 1984 she graduated from Vilnius Academy of Arts and began active participating in solo and group exhibitions. She is one of the most interesting Lithuanian graphic artists and watercolour painters.  Her art is mostly influenced by the ancient Chinese and Japanese art as well as the 19th-century art movements – impressionism and post-impressionism. Like impressionists, R. A. Kmieliauskaite is inclined to use relatively small, thin, yet visible brush strokes and open composition in her paintings. Moreover, in watercolors she combines cold and warm colors.

According to the art critics, the paintings of R. A. Kmieliauskaite even resemble arabesques. Also known as biomorphic art, arabesques is an Islamic art, where floral patterns represent the underlying order and unity of nature. Full of spontaneous, vibrant, almost transparent brush strokes, very decorative paintings of graphic artist are like a whole infinite ornament. The art subject is always related to nature as motifs of flowers and plants are fundamental attributes. The process of painting is based on complete improvisation to experience the present moment.



  • Solo exhibitions in Vilnius, Lithuania, 1990 – 1993 , 1999, 2000, 2004;
  • Solo exhibition in Vetlanda, Sweden, 1994;
  • Solo exhibition in Alesund, Norway, 1995;
  • Solo exhibition in Kaunas, Lithuania, 1997;
  • Solo exhibition in Česky Krumlov, Czech Republic, 2005;
  • Solo exhibition in Riga, Latvia, 2005;
  • Participation in an international exhibition in Italy, 2015;
  • Participation in an international exhibition in Belgium, 2016;
  • Participation in an international exhibition in Italy, 2017;
  • Participation in the International Watercolor Biennial – "Baltic Bridges“, Kaunas, Lithuania, 2018.



  • Since 1984 R. A. Kmieliauskaite has exhibited her artworks in more than 20 solo exhibitions in Lithuania, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, USA, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary;
  • Many of her creations belong to state institutions – the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania, the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania to the United Kingdom, the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania to Hungary, the European Parliament.
  • Some art pieces of R. A. Kmieliauskaite are the property of the President of the Republic of Lithuania – Dalia Grybauskaitė.
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