Ramunas Ceponis

Ramunas Ceponis was born in 1958, Vilnius, Lithuania. In 1982 he graduated from Vilnius Academy of Arts. Nowadays, he is a well-known painter, graphic artist, book illustrator, photographer and sculptor, one of the most consistent and loyal followers of the tradition of abstract art in Lithuania. In the background of Lithuanian art, paintings of R. Ceponis stand out for their deep philosophical implications, suppressed temperament, internal calmness and silent explosive power. Like masters of painting and calligraphy of the traditional Far East Art, he seeks to reveal the poetry and simplicity by minimal means of artistic expression.

Later works of R. Ceponis are less atmospheric and transparent. Moreover, paintings are recognizable by their clear geometrical compositions, foggy matt tones and monochrome as well as the titles of artworks mainly express meditative state of mind.

The art of R.Ceponis is greatly connected with graphics. There are paintings where the black or red colour overpower the whole area of canvas. The symbolism of colours is another significant feature of artist’s creative works. For instance, black tones are usually associated with death and red is a reference to Christian sacrifice.

According to the artist, he mostly feels inspired by medieval sensibility and fascinated with the simplicity and solidity of Romanesque Art. The process of painting is the expression of profound meditation and long contemplating.




  • First painting exhibition at gallery Rūta, Panevėžys, Lithuania, 1983;
  • Young Artists Exhibition. Moscow, U.S.S.R.,1987;
  • Lithuanian Graphic Arts, Chicago, USA, 1991;
  • Graphic art exhibition at Congress Centre, Magdeburg, Germany, 1994;
  • Lithuanian Painting Exhibition, Nancy, France, 1994;
  • Graphic Art Triennial – “Sand And Stone”, Gdansk, Poland (Second Place Award), 1995;
  • Graphic installation – “Vertical Line” at Vilnius Graphic Art Centre, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2000;
  • 1st Biennale of Small Scale Painting and Printmaking – “Lilla Europa”, Hallsberg, Sweden, 2000;
  • International Print Exhibition –“Zeichen Der Gegenwart”, Vienna, Austria, 2002;
  • Painting and sound installation – “Different Time” at gallery Arka, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2008;
  • Painting, sculpture and sound installation – “Different Time” at Gallery of Latvian Artist Union, Riga, Latvia, 2009;
  • 54th International Art Exhibition – “La Biennale di Venezia”, Lithuanian Pavilion, Venice, Italy, 2011;
  • International Baltic States Exhibition - “Barricades 25. Origins”, marking the 25th anniversary of the liberation and independence movements in the Baltic States. Riga, Vilnius, Tallinn, 2015 – 2016.


  • 1994 International Book Art Triennial, Vilnius, Lithuania (Regular Award);
  • 1995 Graphic Art Triennial “Sand and Stone“, Gdansk, Poland (Second place award);
  • 1996 Symposium of Experimental Graphic, Visby, Sweden;




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