Migle Kosinskaite


Migle Kosinskaite was born in 1965, Vilnius. In 1989 she graduated from Vilnius Academy of Arts. M. Kosinskaite is one of the most prominent and distinct painters of Lithuanian contemporary art. For many years, M. Kosinskaite has consistently been exploring femininity, which is an eternal, inexhaustible theme that the artist presents in a highly original, expressive, romantic and at the same time symbolic and surrealistic way.

The artistic expression of M. Kosinskaite‘s artworks is an extremely unique – precise compositions that are constantly accompanied by a woman. Realistic portraits are usually mixed up with the strict geometrical forms and patterns. There are plenty of theatrical images, for example masks or costumes. In this way, the artist questions her own identity as a woman. Moreover, the coloring of paintings in most cases are in dark tones in order to create the sense of purified aesthetics and clarity.

The main character is a woman who embodies different epochs in her personality - Renaissance, Golden Age of Dutch Art, Secession, Art Deco and The Silent film era. M. Kosinskaite does not conceal her inclination for manipulation of ages and images, so at first sight it is impossible to say when it was painted – yesterday or a century before. Canvases, painted by a famous artist, radiate the real breathing of female mystery and passion. Woman's character is contrasting – sometimes she is sensual, romantic and overpowered by sexual energy, in other circumstances she is a fierce and brutal female.

At the beginning of her career, M. Kosinskaite painted replicas of famous artists’ works. There were many such orders in the period of Soviet Union. Luckily, it was good practice to gain precise painting techniques and develop discipline and concentration. According to M. Kosinskaite, she creates paintings in two ways – spontaneously and logically, when all the details are profoundly studied.




  • Painting exhibition at Kauno langas Gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania, 2000;
  • Kaunas artists’painting exhibition in Krakow, Poland, 2002;
  • International air exhibition - “Time” at UNESCO headquarters, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2002;
  • Painting exhibition at Van Loon & Simons Gallery, Vught, The Netherlands, 2008;
  • “Him and Her” with Alius Berdenkovas at Karas Gallery, Kiev, Belarus, 2009;
  • “Primavera” – art fair in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 2010;
  • “Brutal” at Anna Nova Art Gallery, Saint Petersburg, Russia, 2010;
  • “Vilnius painting triennial” at Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2013;
  • “Way” – the exhibition of Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian associations dedicated to the 25th Anniversary of The Baltic Way, Vilnius, Riga, Tallinn, 2014;
  • Painting exhibition at Lithuanian Ambassador's Residence in Stockholm, Sweden, 2014;
  • Asia Contemporary Art Show, Hong Kong, China, 2018.





  • From 2001 M. Kosinskaite has been a member of Lithuanian Artists’ Association;
  • The artist has arranged over 25 personal exhibitions in Lithuania, the Netherlands, Sweden, Ukraine, Russia and participated in more than 40 group expositions;
  • She is a coordinator and curator of annual Symposium of Sculpture, Contemporary Art, Land art, Flags and Kites, held in Manor of Babtynas – Zemaitkiemis in district of Kaunas, Lithuania.
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