Marius Jonutis

Marius Jonutis was born in 1965, Vilnius, Lithuania. He graduated from the Vilnius Academy of Arts in 1991. Jonutis is a very productive and comprehensive Lithuanian artist, who masters broad types of art, such as painting, sculpture, graphics, illustration, and relief art. Moreover, Jonutis is constantly questioning the boundaries of art, trying out different tools and seeking unexplored themes. Multiple figure compositions are noticeable for an extraordinary artistic language – vivid and contrasting coloring, the rhythm of ornaments, decorativeness, stylization of shapes and the impression of naïve art.

Every art piece of Jonutis is a complete and separate narrative – a “myth”. Artworks are like the reduced models of the external world, smaller, yet powerful and joyful universes. Laconic sculptures, wooden toys or puppets are entangled into plenty of ornaments and graphic elements. It seems that the artist sees the world through children’s eyes, every detail is so vital, full of childish naivety, vitality, pure faith in goodness and beauty.

Another significant trait of Jonutis’ art is a strong relation with Lithuanian folk culture. As old masters, he contemplates unchanging human values and conveys rustic and traditional fairy tales' images. The characters of artworks are laconic and simplified.

The worldview of Jonutis is ambiguous. On the one hand, he is an idealist, who truly believes in capturing the beauty in art. On the other hand, he is a realist because of his disbelief in the concept of inspiration and muses.


  • Participation at Tallinn International Graphics Triennale (Tallinn city price), 1989
  • Group exhibition – "Rundgang-9", Dusseldorf‎, Germany, 1991
  • Personal exhibition at the Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius, Lithuania, 1993
  • Personal exhibition, Gallery "Kunst und Kultur", Hamburg, Germany, 1994
  • Personal exhibition, Gallery "Domaine de Roueire", France, 1999
  • Personal exhibition, Gallery "Carpe Diem", Copenhagen, 2000
  • Personal exhibition, Kunstforeningen Ikast, Denmark, 2006
  • Group exhibition - "Independent stories", Brussels, Belgium, 2009
  • Group exhibition, Salzburg, Austria, 2010
  • Illustrations exhibition, Padua, Italy, 2012
  • International Sculpture festival, Denmark, 2013
  • Solo exhibition in Rundetaarn, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2015
  • Group exhibition, Detmold, Germany, 2018
  • Group exhibition - "Art in Puppet Theater", Gallery "Arka", Vilnius, Lithuania, 2019



  • Since 1990, Jonutis has arranged over 50 both personal and group exhibitions in Lithuania, Germany, Denmark and France;
  • Member of Lithuanian Artists Association from 1999;
  • In 2008, he debuted as a writer and released his first children’s book – ‘Blue-green’;
  • Art print by Jonutis covers buildings under construction. This art print is one of the biggest in Baltic countries
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