Kestutis Dovydaitis

Kestutis Dovydaitis was born in 1985. His hometown is Sakiai, a small town in Lithuania, where he is currently living and working. In 2008, K. Dovydaitis graduated from Vilnius Academy of Arts with a specialization in sculpture. The artist is highly professional and notable for precisely-made sculptures. Although the sculptor follows the principles of traditional sculpture, the forms of objects are greatly abstracted. K. Dovydaitis mainly creates sculptures from metal and stone, but he also uses a great variety of substances and shades.

One of the most significant traits of K. Dovydaitis’ sculptures is origami aesthetics. The art of paper folding, associated with Japanese culture is converted to the visual arts that operates in three dimensions. K. Dovydaitis is the only artist in Lithuania that manipulates, interprets and abstracts the fundamentals of origami in sculpture. Fragile and delicate paper origami becomes a statue of solid metal or stone. Although the sculptures are made of tough materials, they look as they would be formed by hands only.

Through art, K. Dovydaitis represents ideas of monumentality and moment as well as eternity and fragility of life. The aesthetics of paper folding gives to ideas the impression of lightness, elegance and growth. Symbols of art are deeply related to the personality of the artist. For instance, paper crane is probably the most famous of all origami models that K. Dovydaitis also adapts to his art. The image of a bird accompanies many of K. Dovydaitis sculptures and represents his own loyalty to the homeland. Accordingly, the inspiration to creation work mostly comes from close environment and nature.



  • Participation in Young Sculptors’ Exhibition – "Gurgutis 2010 - 2012" at Saint John Street Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2012;
  • Personal exhibition – "Origami In Sculpture", Sakiai, Lithuania, 2012;
  • Personal exhibition – "Origami In Sculpture. Into Space", Gallery Ziedai, Sakiai, Lithuania, 2013
  • Group exhibition in Lazdijai Museum, Lazdijai, Lithuania, 2013;
  • Personal sculpture exhibition in Gallery Ziedai, Sakiai, Lithuania, 2014;
  • Young artists’ exhibition – "White Paper. Three Versions", dedicated to the 25th anniversary of The Baltic Way;
  • Participation in young sculptors exhibition - "Gurgutis 2014" at Saint John Street Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2014.
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