Indra Grusaite

Indra Grusaite was born in 1964, in Skuodas, Lithuania.  Having graduated from Vilnius Academy of Arts, she is currently a well-known Lithuanian artist who is mostly recognizable for her classical approach to art. Despite the conservative painting techniques and traditional genres, the narratives and characters of the paintings are full of allegories, paradoxes, symbols and mystical elements. This way, the paintings expose the confrontation of reality and fiction. Figurative artworks mostly depict women, anthropomorphized animals or mythological figures that are surrounded by realistic Gothic sceneries. The art of Grusaite manifests features of both medieval and modern paintings; the artist combines the old painting manner with the new tools – she chooses acrylic instead of oil paints.

Every canvas of Grusaite radiates a strong sensation of luxury. Her masterpieces are full of aesthetically composed scenes with a great variety of theatrical props as well as ancient costumes or antique objects. At first glance, the author simply depicts an idealized and rather kitschy world. But don‘t let the first impression blind you from deeper perceptions. By choosing these motives, Grusaite seeks to represent her ironical view to property and its timeliness.

According to the artist, her biggest influence came from Mannerism, Renaissance and Baroque art. Grusaite often quotes an Italian polymath of the Renaissance, Leonardo da Vinci, who once said that the painter‘s soul has a divine nature and is able to reflect various worlds. This renowned Lithuanian artist embodies this concept by creating the worlds where fantasy, myths and reality closely intertwine and are almost inseparable.



  • Since 1990, Grusaite has been actively participating in various exhibitions both in Lithuania and abroad;
  • She has her own gallery – "Art Gallery", located in Vilnius region, Lithuania;
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