Alvydas Lukys

Alvydas Lukys was born in 1958, in Šiauliai, Lithuania. He graduated from Vilnius Gediminas Technical university in 1984. Nowadays, he is a well-known Lithuanian photographer. In the background of modern photography, A. Lukys stands out for highly conceptual and transdisciplinary images, that are free from any social contexts and biographical narratives. The content of photography mainly involves motives of interiors and architecture.

Early photographs of A. Lukys were closely related to sculpture. He captured objects from urbanistic environment and interpreted them as abstract sculptures. The artist also took pictures from a very small distance in order to expose forms and surface textures of things as well as to reveal their primary purpose.

Later artworks of A. Lukys concentrate on things even more. Simple, everyday objects are placed in almost vacuum, empty environment so that they appear as very material and textured. By these photographs, A. Lukys investigates objects as purified matter and contemplates their history of existing. The artistic expression of images is no less intriguing – expressive tonal contrasts interact with fragmental and minimalistic compositions.

Despite the fact that A. Lukys is a highly professional artist, he does not hesitate to try non-professional tools for taking pictures, for example the cell-phone camera. As a conceptualist, A Lukys investigates the boundaries of photography. Photographing by using the cell camera allows to obtain very generalized and limited representation of reality compared to realistic images, made by digital or film camera.

According to the artist, the art of photography can be paralleled to contemplation of images. Photographs are like sketches where the creative work begins.



  • Since 1984, A. Lukys has been a member of Union of the Lithuanian art photographers;
  • Lukys has been participating in a number of personal and group exhibitions both in Lithuania and abroad since 1986;
  • Has been a curator and lecturer at Vilnius Academy of Arts in Lithuania since 1990;
  • Alvydas Lukys forms an informal trio with Remigijus Treigys and Gintautas Trimakas, sometimes exhibiting together as "TTL Point of View";
  • Artworks of A. Lukys were acquired by Lithuanian Art museum, Union of the Lithuanian art photographers, Contemporary Art Center in Vilnius, Brandt’s Museum of Photographic Art in Odense (Denmark), French National Library and private art collectors in Lithuania and abroad.
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