Algis Krisciunas

Born in 1968, Algis Krisciunas is a well-known interdisciplinary artist to both Lithuanian and foreign art lovers. His artistic expression ranges from large-scale oil paintings to photographs and illustrations. Even though Krisciunas has never studied art, there is no doubt that he has developed a very unique and easily recognized manner of creative work. Most of his artworks have traits of pop art because of bright color palette, bold imagery and atmosphere full of positivity and naivety. Instead of ‘high art’ themes, Krisciunas focuses on mundane objects and people of everyday life. By using irony, humor and paradoxes, he emphasizes the kitschy and banal elements of our social life and culture. Meanwhile, surrealism is the way to speak about the meaning of life. Krisciunas relies on his own developed motives arisen from reflection and thinking of life. One of the leading motifs is a diving suit, which is a metaphor of mask which we usually use in social life in order to adapt. Moreover, realistically painted objects and characters are removed from their normal circumstances and placed into ambiguous, paradoxical or shocking surroundings.

According to the artist, every artwork has a unique narrative, but the meaning of the artworks is generated by the viewer. Paintings are like reflections of the viewer, therefore, the perception of each individual is unique. The spectator is the ultimate element in the process of completing an artwork.



  • Member of the Union of Lithuanian Art Photographers;
  • In addition to painting and photography, he is a musician and songwriter;
  • Many artworks of Krisciunas decorate public buildings and private interiors in Lithuania;
  • Algis is also famous for one-year project – ‘Project Happy 365’, where he was sharing photos that told unique stories of what makes people happy;
  • The National Art Collection of Ireland possesses one of the artworks by Krisciunas.
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