Summer Babies: The Most Famous Artists Who Were Born in June


Summer is finally here and it brought us all the amazing daylight which we can spend admiring our favorite works of art even longer than before. Today we have a special treat for those of you who were born in June or know someone who was. Let’s see which famous artist do you or your loved ones share a birthday with. Maybe it will inspire you to grab a brush yourself! Let’s begin.

1. Peter Paul Rubens

Born 28 June 1577


Rubens was a Flemish artist, known for his unique aesthetics. His Biblical art and portraits of naked women are especially well known. He is often admired for his idea of female beauty because the ladies in his pictures are curvy and oh so very real. To say that his paintings are sensual would be a grand understatement.


The garden of love by Peter Paul Rubens

2. Paul Gauguin

Born 7 June 1848


Paul Gauguin was a French post-impressionist. He was only recognized after his death but his work inspired a lot of important avant-garde painters who changed the visual art scene. Some of the people who were touched by Gauguin’s art were Picasso and Henri Matisse. His works of art have a unique and recognizable color palette that sometimes take you somewhere where it’s June forever.


Parahi te maras by Paul Gauguin

3. Antoni Gaudi

Born 25 June 1852 


Antoni Gaudí was a Spanish architect whose free and uniquely-shaped works are very well known not only by architecture enthusiasts but also by passersby who get to be mesmerized by unique shapes of his buildings that were inspired by nature and religion. You might know some of his works such as Casa Batllo (in the picture below) and the famous Expiatory Temple of the Holy Family in Barcelona. Truly stunning!


Casa Batllo by Antoni Gaudi

4. Phillip Guston

Born 27 June 1913


Phillip Guston was a painter and a printmaker in New York School. New York School was a group of artists, including Jackson Poloock, who were the frontmen of neo-expressionism. Guston was absolutely over abstraction and wanted to show objects that were more simple and concrete. In the beginning Guston was very misunderstood and it took some time for the critics to accept his style. Painter Willem de Kooning, said that Guston’s works were "about freedom". That sounds like a great compliment for a trail-blazer.


Farnesina Garden by Phillip Guston

5. Alejandro Obregón

Born 4 June 1920


Alejandro Obregón is a less well-known name on our list but his works of art are worth seeing and admiring. He was a Colombian painter whose landscapes are truly unique and poetic. Obregón‘s works are a good example of the abstract Surrealist trend that happened in Latin America. The paintings are truly distinguishable. So much passion and intensity can be found amidst the strokes of Obregón‘s brush.


Homenaje by Alejandro Obregón