7 Painters Whose Pets Never Left Their Side

People who have pets will understand these artists perfectly. Of course, you take the pet with you everywhere. Of course, you keep them by your side while you’re working. Of course, you let them disturb you by asking you for cuddles, ball throws and treats. And of course, you will drop everything to make them wiggle those tales or purr or show any other sign that the unconditional love you feel for your furry friend is actually very mutual. Today we will discover seven friendships between world-famous artists and their pets who never left their side and inspired them to become the amazing people we know and love.

1. Andy Warhol and Archie the dog


Until 1970s Andy Warhol was a cat person but then his boyfriend suggested they get a dachshund and everything changed. Archie became an integral part of Warhol’s life and he would even take him to interviews and get him to “answer” the questions that Andy didn’t want to answer himself. I wonder how that worked! They were always together and let me be bold enough to say that they looked just perfect together.



2. Frida Kahlo and her mini zoo


Frida Kahlo didn’t just have one pet. Not even two or three. She had a mini zoo and it was as exotic and you can probably imagine. She had macaws, monkeys, Mexican hairless dogs and an eagle whose name was Gertrudis Caca Blanca.  Many of Frida’s self-portraits include her beloved animals since they were such an important part of her colorful life. Don’t we all wish we had Snow White-worthy group of amazing animals to share our stories with sometimes?




3. Henri Matisse and his cats


There is something about cats and artists. The connection is almost unbelievable. Henri Matisse was one of the artists who were dedicated to the amazing purring creatures. The names of his cats were Minouche, Coussi and la Puce (the Flea). He took great care of them and shared his breakfast brioches in the mornings. Sounds like a good life!



4. Norman Rockwell and Pitter the dog


Normal Rockwell’s artistic works feature all kinds of dogs. From beagles to collies, all of them found a place on his canvases. Pitter was one of Rockwell’s dogs and he would accompany him to his studio and watch him work. Sometimes inspiration has a very clear form, one of a furry dog with wide friendly eyes that will give you all of its attention and love.



5. Pablo Picasso and Lump the dog


A dachshund named Lump is almost as famous as its owner – Pablo Picasso. Believe it or not, but Picasso’s relationship with Lump was actually documented in a book that was written by the dog’s original owner David Douglas Duncan. That’s impressive for sure. Lump is featured in many paintings, Picasso even recreated a work of art called Las Meninas by a Spanish painter Diego Velazquez and painted Lump in the place of the regal hound that was portrayed in the original piece.


6. Salvador Dali and Babou and Bouba the ocelots


Salvador Dali’s eccentricity was highlighted by his very special pets – ocelots. Known as dwarf leopards, ocelots are wildcats that come from Central and South America. Babou and Bouba were given to Dali by the Colombian Head of State and he took them everywhere he went, even to very public places such as restaurants. We can imagine the reactions of fellow guests, quite something!


7. Gustav Klimt and Katze the cat


Gustav Klimt’s cat Katze (which is ‘cat’ in German) is one of the famous cats that have books written about them. Well, not exactly about them but about their relationship with their owners. The book Klimt and His Cat, written by Berenice Capatti tells the story of Klimt’s life with his loyal purring companion. Klimt’s paintings are not only truly beautiful; they are also among the most expensive works of art in the world.