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Six minutes on the Brooklyn bridge by R. Kasparaviciene
"Six minutes on the Brooklyn bridge" by R. Kasparaviciene
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Buying original art for a rented apartment never made sense to me, so when I bought my own place, I knew the time was right. One thing I was sure about was that I was going to shop for art online.

I’m not one to visit galleries, I just don’t see myself standing in front of a painting and looking at it for minutes.

So I started browsing. I found various online e-shops, but NOBIG.ART caught my eye.
To be honest, I loved the selection and pricing. The "Six minutes on the Brooklyn bridge" by R. Kasparaviciene stood out, because it had an airiness and lightness about it, while at the same time still looking sophisticated and modern. 
It shipped quick, and once I hanged it, I started browsing for the next one almost immediately.
I now keep noticing more blank spaces in my home that I want to fill up with art. 
Thank you, NOBIG.ART!

- Adomas

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