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Connection 3 by Ramunas Ceponis
"Connection 3" by Ramunas Ceponis
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Furnishing our new home was a very important project for both of us. Let’s say, our apartment building isn’t the most exciting-looking on the street, that’s why we wanted to counterbalance it with a unique interior.

On nobig.art we managed to find a painting that ticked all three musts: beautiful, high-quality and on our budget.

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Buying original art for a rented apartment never made sense to me, so when I bought my own place, I knew the time was right. One thing I was sure about was that I was going to shop for art online.

I’m not one to visit galleries, I just don’t see myself standing in front of a painting and looking at it for minutes.

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Six minutes on the Brooklyn bridge by R.Kasparaviciene
"Six minutes on the Brooklyn bridge" by R.Kasparaviciene
Motion by Ramunas Ceponis
"Motion" by Ramunas Ceponis
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My home is very minimalist, I like empty spaces and having room to breathe and my relationship with visual art is very casual – I can appreciate it but frequenting art exhibitions is not among my top pastimes. Still, the white walls of my living room were calling for a bold eye-catcher.

I’m very happy with the piece I’ve selected because it stands out in the neutral interior nicely while at the same time being a great conversation starter when guests come over.

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Africa by Egle Gineityte
"Africa" by Egle Gineityte
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Our firm is located in your typical office high-rise. All the layouts are pretty much the same, so bringing some personality and warmth into our workspace is up to us. I’m a strong believer in the idea that offices should be ergonomic but not bleak, that’s why I decided to liven up our meeting room with some art.

Overall, the whole experience of buying the painting was very professional – it arrived on time, well packaged and looking exactly as I expected.

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